Words are Best Forgotten

Words are only words but take on a meaning according to a thought or feeling. Here is a poem that goes beyond both the words and meanings.



Words are only words but can take on meaning.
The meaning causes us to be unseeing.
What is right or wrong, who can say?
A word will continue to conceal the way.
Words will always demand deliberation.

They only detain, constrain and cause obscurity.
Do this and don’t do that is what we hear.
The word you choose will define your course.
It seems so easy; but of course.
A single word wants to tell you.
But do words really come from the source?
Who may know…the self…without a doubt?

Alas there is always a lot of chitchat.
We indulge in words each day.
This happens in many different ways.
A friend, a foe, the TV and radio all let words flow.
A yes or no would often do but the mind never ceases.
A ray of sun is warm with or without confabulation.
Likewise the rain will fall; it is wet.
Consequently there is no need for interpretation.
Cease all this senseless clutter.

Words without Meaning; is this how we Should be Living?

Explanations inhibit the conscious vibrations.
Definitions deter the awakened sensations.
The mind screams “Do this!” and “Don’t do that!”
It is often difficult to know “Hold tight!” or “simply let go!”
Hence a word is just a word.
As a result the meanings come and go.
How then are you to truly know “Do I stay or do I go?”

There is a space; it is without time or place.
We have always known but often it does not show.
This is where the mind and words can not go.
There is a void; it is all and none.

The mind may show you the way but it can not stay.
The line between here and there is where the mind resides.
But go over the edge and suddenly you remember the rest.

They say insanity is what awaits you there beyond.
Do not be fooled trust the flow of life; it and you know.
Life has given you breath. You are alive. It is an endowment.
No word can give you more than this.
It may try but in the end will falter and crumble; therefore it will succumb.
A given word is only as true as you choose to conceive.

Best wishes and happiness


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