Words Wasted: When Will It End?

The world thrives on communication. It is estimated that there are five billion cell phone users worldwide. This is two-thirds of the world population of 7.6 billion as of October 2018. Wow, so everyone is sending text, emoji’s and talking. We are sharing words. But what is beyond these words? Furthermore, the question to ask is if we are losing touch with the part of us that does not need to correspond in such a manner.

It is, from a practical standpoint, clear that words are used in our existence. However, everyone is talking and few are truly listening. I do not wish to suggest that you are not attentive when someone is talking. However it is obvious that we sense the flow of universal energy whispering to us; but we generally ignore it. It is there within silence but the mind has been conditioned not to appreciate stillness.

This behavior was prevalent long before cell phones and other communication devices were invented. These gadgets, however, have increased the likelihood that we will not be able to tune-into the frequency of life. What are we always talking about? The words continue to flow but our awareness to stillness is often stagnant. Usually we talk, simply because we can, but ultimately we are not saying anything.

Wasting Words Is Wasting Energy

This is something that the mind does not want to acknowledge. It would be self-defeating for the mind to admit that most of the words we share are really accomplishing nothing. Perhaps it would be more accurate to write that, spiritually or universally, verbalizing ourselves through words is unnecessary. Additionally it is clear that our, often, frantic need to say something is equally wasting both object and universal energy.

Then how do we shift to a universally conscious state of communication? This network of energy is always available. It is the ultimate pulsating flow of sharing in the universe. Moreover, this frequency offers the opportunity to manifest a given reality. However, this is dependent on our state of awareness. We may think that we are usually aware as the words flow from us. The type of energy produced by objects is a completely different frequency. This is often not useful to the field of space consciousness.

Stillness has been recognized as a dimension of strength that is both passive and powerful. Most people have experienced this quiet lion of tranquility during any given moment. However, it seems that our difficulty is in the practice of allowing this quiet spaciousness to manifest in our activities.

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