World Student Day

World Student Day is being celebrated today. World Student Day could be summarized in one word; sharing. It is a day to bring young people from different cultural backgrounds together to communicate with each other. The origin of this date commemorates an event that happened in Prague in1939.

world student day

The world as a whole is slowly understanding that it was never necessary to label a person through color, culture or belief. The significance lies in become aware of the contribution that all human beings can make to humanity, global development and reuniting with each other. Reuniting humankind nurtures the sharing of universal energy; instead of separation and delegation we can experience totality and nature harmony.

The world as never been smaller then it is at this present moment. Worldwide technology allows students to converse with other students not only in the class room or university campus but everywhere.

I wish to ask not only students worldwide but also everyone to consider the possibilities humankind would have if we could look beyond the human content superficialities of our species. The cultural developmental details of our human existence are actually barriers that can and do prevent us from experience the one truly magnificent miracle.

This is the miracle of life. The man or woman sitting next to you is not really a collection of surplus human content such as color, belief or nationality. This person is the totality of life. This “other” person is experiencing the miracle of life in what every form it manifest in any given moment. Take this one moment to really look openly and neutrally at any person. You may be surprised to sudden realize that you are looking at your own true self.

There will be many activities for students today; worldwide. There will be many events happening in India today. India is honored with this day being dedicated by the United Nations to the memory of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam who died last year.

“UN Declares APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birthday As ‘World Students Day’”

Best wishes to everyone

world student day

This is a link about Dr. APJ Abdul Kalaam:

Here is a link for general information about World Student Day:

Here is also a link for information about its origin:

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