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I took writing to the next level in 2015 with the publication of my first book “One Moment in Life”. I; as other writers, am interested in sharing what I have written. This is not as easy as it may first sound. Worldwide communication networks have given us opportunities that were non-existent fifty years ago. Any written material can be passed on from one person to any other worldwide in minutes. A promising writer may feel that this global networking will ensure the probability of his or her book being read by many people.


A global network does not necessarily mean that what you wish to share will be read or shared. Many writers and especially new authors experience this after publication. Indie Authors have considerable difficulty in becoming recognized as an author. There are many possibilities for a person to promote his or her book but there is no guaranteed method for introducing a new book to the reader.

I wish to write about one possibility that is available for writers. The most common method to share information about yourself and about your book is through (word of mouth) Word of mouth is an easy way to share ideas and opinions about any given book. A person reads a book. He or she tells a friend about it and on an on it goes. This is how worldwide communication networking can be beneficial to a new writer.

Most retailers offer customers the opportunity to write a book review. This can be easily be done through the online platform of any given retail outlet. This may also sound like a wonderful means by which a writer can achieve recognition; however it is not always so easy.

It is possible for writers to help each other. We can do this through a book review exchange. This would require trust between the individuals making the exchange. The idea would be as follows: A writer exchanges his or her book with another writer. Both writers agree to write a book review on one or more of the online retail outlets such as Amazon. Each writer should also agree not to give the other writers book to any other person to read (this can be discussed between the two writers).

There are many people and companies that do book reviews for money. It should be possible for new writers / authors to join together in a common interest without the need for greed or profit. This is how we can help each other to share information about ourselves as a writer and to share our book(s). My second book will be published soon. I would be interested in doing book reviews with others. Please contact me if you are interested in this book review exchange idea.

Best wishes

P.S. Here are a few names that might be appropriate for such a project:

– Book Review Shuffle

– Book Review Network

– Book Review Interdependence

– Book Review Quid Pro Quo

– Book Review Interchange

– Book Review Commerce


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