Writing Contest

A quote, a poem or a book all begin from within the writer's creative flow
A quote, A poem or a book all begin from within the writer’s creative flow

Have you every felt inspired, frustrated, happy, or sad; then write a poem what you are feeling. A poem is not necessarily a collection of words that must have a given rhythm or pattern. I am more interested in reading what you have to share. This is something that should come from you. You may have wished to attempt putting your inspirations, ideas or imagination into written words; but have somehow just never actually done it.

Now is your chance. I will be the only person that will be reading your entry into the writing contest. I can assure you that I will respect your willingness to share. I will also honor your entry as a part of you; this means that I will not interpret, judge or question what you have written about. I am not exactly interested in what you write about. It is the feeling or level of consciousness that you transform into the text you write.

I will be attempting to feel what you felt when you wrote the text. Your field of consciousness; in association with the text that you write, is what I wish to experience as I read your entry. You can use this opportunity to “come out of your shell”.

It would be wonderful to experience an active participation in the writing contest. I feel that we should have at least fifteen people who would like to enter the contest. I really hope that you will consider entering. Two popular books relating to the field of spirituality / esoteric and my first book will be given to the first prize winner.

Best wishes and good luck

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