Yellow Brick Road: A Journey of Illusions

The story of the Wizard of Oz is well known to many people. Dorothy begins an incredible journey to find her way back home. The way back home started by following the yellow brick road. Doesn’t this sound familiar? The yellow brick road symbolizes a personal and collective conditioning that insists that everyone has a path to follow. We have all said or heard sentences such as: “I need to find my path in life.” When speaking about others, we say: “They still have not found their path in life.” We also use sentences like this in reference to children.


We tend to dictate to our children. An example of this would be: “You are still lost; you have not yet found your path in life.” This sentence can have a profoundly damaging effect on children. Parents are constantly evaluating their children’s “existence” experience. Thereby the experience of life is forgotten.

Parents almost always use their own yellow brick road experiences as a basis for this evaluation. We are constantly persuading our children onto our own version of an ideal existence path. The attempt to find the way back home (spiritual enlightenment) has been confused with the complexities of our human existence. We use our own version of the yellow brick road journey to find fulfillment. This has not been and will never be possible because we are already home (universal oneness). However this is something that  we have forgotten.

Parents usually wish for a child to handle situations in a manner that conforms to the parent’s version of the yellow brick road. This can have a severe effect on our children because children actually become conditioned with an egoistical need to find a road that promises fulfillment. Parents do not usually allow children to experience human life-form existence and universal life consciousness on a one-to-one basis.

This behavior, among others, has been part of our individual and collective conditioning for thousands of years. More so, it is a very manipulative pattern. A person is often not aware of it. It leads to uncertainty and frustration in our human existence. It causes each of us to never really be at peace with our own being. We are told and shown throughout adolescence and even into adulthood that we must find a path in life. There is no true path. Life is to be experienced; there where you are is where you are. Everyone is convinced that finding a path in life is a necessary factor to ensuring our contentment as a human being.

There is, perhaps truth to be found in this statement, but this truth is mostly irrelevant. This means that it exists only on the level of human content existence. It is the human species that places importance on finding a path. There is something crucial here that we should understand. Path searching occurs because most people see themselves only as a human being searching for a way back to spirit. However important it may seem, we should ask ourselves if this is the absolute truth.

Yellow Brick Road Ends Where You Started!

We should ask if most of the human existence details are really that important. The actuality suggests that we are the spirit that is experiencing itself through this human life-form. Universal spirit or consciousness does not intend to experience itself. This occurs because human beings have reached a level of consciousness that gives us access to universal energy consciousness. Therefore consciousness observes consciousness through the awareness to consciousness. That has a nice ring to it.

We often experience awareness on a very submissive level, with intermediate bursts of more intensive awareness. Would it be possible to adjust this field of awareness? Then we may experience our human existence with a gratifying stillness. Furthermore becoming more aware would allow us to accept what life can do for our human form. We may then conclude that finding a path in life is not truly in our hands. It is not a function of life, nor is it necessary for being human. We can still function and achieve so much without being possessed by thoughts about needing to find a path or purpose in life.

You are already fulfilling a purpose. You are a manifestation of life. I truly don’t feel that we can achieve anything higher.


Best Wishes

P.S. The experience of life is not a predetermined yellow brick road that leads to happiness and fulfillment.

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