You and the Self are a Form of Life

It would be important to point out that forms, such as person, tree, or animal, are meaningless. Meaningless without the manifestation of life energy.

There are only forms, and only take on importance when we view them from an egoistical human standpoint. Your human form has an importance for you now. That is normal. We need to be aware of how we view this human form. The form in itself, when viewed neutrally, has no significance.

It would be beneficial to become aware of the one life that is there but generally forgotten.

We may say that we should be able to allow our true self to once again become aware of itself. There is no differentiating between the true self and the ego-produced “me” except in our mind, which is pulsating with ego-bound thoughts and emotions. Because of ego’s warped interpretation of what it wants us to see, the true self turns into a “me”. The ego produces only words and concepts, which generate definitions that have a personal and collective symbolism.

life-form and the ego

The lie that we live each moment is manifested in the “me”. We live this lie because we give meaning, importance, or individuality to everything in our human life, without any true awareness being used. The truth is within our grasp each moment. The truth evolves around something much more substantial. It is life without symbols, definitions, or meanings.

This appears almost impossible to comprehend in a world full of words and symbols.

It is almost like saying that there is nothing in the universe. If we viewed this from a human-form-based concept, this would be relatively true. When we view this from the perspective of the universal intelligence, we see that in this universe of nothing, there is everything.

Oh no, does this mean that the “me” represents no real importance relative to the one truth? The answer may very well be “yes”.Yes” can be the only truthful answer because there is actually not truly an ego, and definitely not a “me” that exists outside our conditionally conceived world.

The “me” is in plain truth a creation of our ego, both personal and collective. This has only a relative importance because we are currently human beings, sharing this world. Everything created and nurtured by the ego has no real importance. We have just been conditioned to think otherwise.

There is a force that is hidden behind the “me”, as well as behind everything else that we symbolize and define in our world. This force is the ego. It is the real enemy. It is a creation of our life as a person. The ego may have a function, but it has no real existence. Mankind unknowingly fell into the ego’s trap at some stage in our evolution. The ego was then allowed to blossom and obtain seemingly absolute power over us as human beings.

Its energy is fueled by mankind’s own lack of awareness. It is predominately our lack of awareness that keeps the ego thriving.

P.S. This article is an excerpt from the book “One Moment in Life”.

Best wishes to everyone

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