You are not Your Thoughts

Are we the mind generated thoughts that are continuously popping up? Or is there much more to what makes you…you? I have posted an excerpt from One Moment in Life below for consideration.

“You are not your thoughts.”

The presence that is observing you may be considered to be what you are. There is a state of consciousness that is constantly operating in the background. This is not the human consciousness. It is the universal consciousness and it may be more accurate to say that this is a dimension between human consciousness and the universal intelligence. It is the gateway to our true form. We exist in this field of consciousness every minute of every day. It is unfortunate that this wonderful gift of life and oneness that is present in each moment has been overlooked for thousands of years.

The majority of people may experience a few moments in this human life that we would refer to as happiness. When these moments come, they disappear much too soon. Since the time of human separation from the oneness, we have not been able to find our way back to this one truth. This separation was strictly a mental process. We are continually finding new concepts and teachings to aid us in our search for truth. It is very difficult because we have placed true “oneness” in the background of our life as a person.

What if I told you that you don’t need to search for truth or enlightenment? You are the truth. You are already enlightened. It’s just that you have forgotten. The person you see in the mirror is not really you. We seem to drift between two states of being. One being is unconscious to anything but the world of mankind, and the other being is a state of human consciousness that is unfortunately dominated and manipulated by the ego’s influences. We could say that both are one and the same.

Enlightenment Beyond Thoughts

This continuous drifting of human consciousness causes our daily lives to be very demanding and turbulent. We are staying in a constantly repeating pattern. Our experiences are based on conditioning and the ego. This, in most cases, is not something that we are aware of in any given moment. Our conditioning makes it very difficult to even know what real “awareness” means. Awareness in our daily human life is perplexing. What is the role of the “seer” in our human life? How can we accept the seer to help us in awakening spiritually?”

I may post a few more book excerpts over the next few weeks. I would be thankful for comment; including constructive criticism if it applies. I have included a short video from Alan Watts. The video is interesting in a different sort of way. Don’t listen so seriously to your thoughts that are entangled in human existence. They can be very misleading. Don’t assume or believe everything that you have been taught or shown about your “self”. This is not who you are.

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