You are the True Buddha Master

Buddha master invokes a vision of a person sitting under a tree in a field. This person has acquired an understand of existence and life that induces harmony in all interactions. Now take this moment to observe you surroundings. Every person, plant, animal and every object that you see is a reflection of a Buddha master. Why would I suggest this? Because you are the one true Buddha master. You are now on an inner journey to rediscover this Buddha master. Buddha (enlightenment or awakening) is experienced in every moment.

Everything that you encounter, think and feel offers a reflection of the true Buddha master (the one). The acknowledgment of this will come about when a shift in perspective has happened. Everything remains as before; situations, people, your emotions and thoughts will not have changed. What will change is your awareness to the “isness” of any situation, encounter with a person, or thought. You are experiencing the “one” in any given moment. You will see the one true Buddha master in any moment; when you are ready to observe yourself in any situation.

BuddhaMay I share a personal example of how any situation can reflect the true Buddha master in you? The following example is a common everyday situation that; when truly observed, allows the Buddha master to blossom:

I was standing in front of the oven adding the last ingredients to my evening meal. I had prepared noodles with mushrooms, sweet peppers and a little cottage cheese. I usually add thinly sliced cheese and allow this to melt into the noodles. Now this is when an opportunity presented itself to experience the Buddha master. I covered the noodles with a lid. I had a brief thought about letting the noodles sit in the oven for a few minutes. This would allow the cheese to bake into the noodles better. I really like it when the cheese melts into the noodles. I experienced another sensation in that same moment. A voice in my head quickly said to me “Why do you want to let the noodles set in the oven?” The voice was very demanding. It insisted that I eat the noodles immediately. I removed the pot of noodles from the oven and put them on table.

I hastily sat down to eat. Then I noticed that I did not have a fork or knife on the table. The voice (my thoughts) told me to hurry. I returned to the table ready to enjoy the meal. I then noticed that I had let my beverage on the kitchen counter. I sensed my thoughts telling me that this is frustrating. The voice said “How could you forget the beverage? I am hunger.” I jumped up and returned with the beverage. I sat down prepared to start eating. I then glanced across the room to the living room sideboard. I saw the TV remote on the sideboard. (I enjoy watching classic TV shows “Beverly Hillbillies” on DVD when I have my evening meal.) “Oh no” said the voice in my head. I walked over to get the TV remote from the sideboard.

The voice (thoughts influenced by the ego) instantly reacted as I walked to the sideboard. “How long is this going to take?” and “I am hunger, I want to eat now”. I retrieved the TV remote. This is the moment when the true Buddha master blossomed. I started to smile. It became very obvious to me that the universal intelligence had given me exactly what I had desired; just not in the manner I had “thought”.

My initial wish had been to let the noodles remain in the pot for a short period so that the cheese would melt into the noodles. I had then ignored this wish because my mind and ego insisted that I eat the noodles immediately. However the universal intelligence had received the original energy vibration that I had sent. The universal consciousness was willing to give me what I had truly desired, whether I was “aware of it” or not.

This is the key to the dimension that nurtures harmony and balance. The key is awareness. I was able to relax instantly as I united with the true Buddha master (oneness). I became truly aware that forgetting my fork, beverage and TV remote was how the universal intelligence wished to give me the gift I had desired. (Letting the cheese melt into the noodles.)

I smiled from ear to ear as I sat down to enjoy the meal. Awareness of the true Buddha master allowed me to instantly free the self from the restrictive hold of mind / thoughts and ego. I savored the noodle casserole in a state of tranquil bliss. This is possible for every person in any situation. The Buddha master is in everything. You are this Buddha master.

Best wishes

P.S. The noodle casserole was delicious. I wish I could have given each of you a portion of it to enjoy.


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