YOU are this Moment

This moment is now. We hear this said often. We read about this even more. What does this actually mean in terms of awareness, of consciousness? it is really all about you. This moment occurs because you “are”. it is your awareness to now that decides what actually happens in this moment. You may now say that the moment is there and it is gone; whether you are there or not makes no difference. This is your conditioned thought and behavior patterns that insist that this is real. The truth is that this moment would not “be” without you.

This moment is not something that is here and gone. It is constant and eternal. The true “you” is also constant and eternal. What can we deduce from this insight? “You” are the now and are constant. You are everything. This is usually a bit much for most of us to allow to be; much the less accept. But how could it be any other way? The universe does not modify you. You modify the universe according to your conscious level of perception in this moment. When you are not aware of the moment you are not aware of your own true self.

This in turn results in us mistakenly confusing everything and everyone within this moment to be something other than what it is; this being our own self. You are the entirety of it all. What you do in this moment decides the entirety of it all.

You and this Moment

How might we go about accepting, thus allowing this shift in our conscious perception? Practice stepping back (mentally / and or physically) from a situation or person(s) that first initiate confusion, frustration or fear in what you “thought” was “you”. Stepping back allows the real “you” to acknowledge where you are and what you are. Remember…you are the moment and not the other way around.

The portal between form consciousness and universal consciousness will usually open at this point. You may then accept that this situation or person is not what this moment is about. It is about you. We use huge amounts of life / consciousness energy in attempts used to reinforce human form thought / emotion behavior: frustration, anger, confusion, fear etc. This is done perhaps because we have become desensitized. We are not really “being” the isness of the moment. Practice “being” the moment. That is our essence. We are the aware isness which unfolds by simply “being”.

Best wishes to all

The Video link from Eckhart Tolle is a wonderful sign post to reawakening consciously. He has remembered, what we all are remembering. He knows what we all innately know.


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