Changes: You Change and the Universe Changes

This word, as far as words are concerned, may be as significant to conscious awakening as the word “now”. Changes are occurring continually throughout the universe. This is perhaps the one true constant in life. Changes can be defined as transformations or conversions. This can occur in variations, to numerous to count. A beneficial key to experiencing balance between, mind, object and universal consciousness lies in our ability to be aware of changes and what is really happening.

This does not mean that we should attempt to stop some changes and allow others. It would, however, suggest a complete acceptance of all changes as a response and then consider whether an action, if any, is needed. More so, spiritually speaking, it is a person’s state of awareness to the dimension of consciousness that is foremost significant. This is the one necessary change that will allow living consciously to flourish in our daily activities. Is the conditioned mind responsible for our unwillingness or inability to change?

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind…” Romans 12:2

I recently received an email from someone whom I have known for years. This person carries a heavy burden in her heart. She expects the world to change so that she can experience happiness and peace. Sadly, as with most people, she blames individuals and things around her for the misery that she experiences. We have spoken many times about how she feels about herself and the world around her. The picture that she describes about her situation is desolate and monotone.

Changes Offer Clarity

This feeling of despair is not unusual and is experienced by many people at different levels in daily situations. It is common for a conditioned mind to expect other people, things and situations to change. This is the message that it inflicts onto consciousness during interactions with our inner and outer state of being.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
~ Max Planck

Changes are experienced universally and are continual. Picture yourself standing in the middle of a never-ending void and everything is spinning around you. This is a fairly accurate description of any objects existence. The change that can ultimately benefit your well-being is how you see yourself in proportion to the entirety of life.

Do objects spin around you or do you spin around other objects? This might be a question to consider the next time the feeling of isolation or frustration overwhelms us. How you see yourself in the void of life will therefore determine the outcome of your existence.

Best wishes

P.S. Here is a song link from Butterfly Boucher and David Bowie “Changes” for your listening pleasure.


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